Welcome to the Urban Photography Commandos Home Page

This page is an outlet for sharing our explorations. The areas of
exploration are not limited to urban, as the name might suggest.
We have also become interested in ghost towns and pioneer era
history. In the end, it all blends in together, since the pioneer history
obviously was the foundation of what we have in this area today.

Bodie California
Ghost Town Disneyland

Bodie California Part 1
Bodie California Part 2
Bodie California Part 3
Bodie California Part 4
Bodie California Part 5
Bodie California Part 6
Bodie California Part 7
Bodie California Part 8
Bodie California Part 9
Bodie California Part 10
Bodie California Part 11
Bodie California Part 12
Bodie California Part 13
Bodie California Part 14
Bodie California Part 15

Marin Headlands
Abandoned Military Structures

Marin Headlands - Battery Rathbone & Battery McIndoe
Marin Headlands - Battery Alexander and Battery Mendel.
Marin Headlands - Battery Mendell

Remains of the Whaling Dock
near Pt. Molate and Pt. San Pablo

Pt San Pablo - Last Active American Whaling Dock Part 1

Pt. Isabelle
Tepco China and Pottery Remains

Pt. Isabelle - Tepco China and Pottery Remains
Pt. Isabelle - Tepco China and Pottery Remains Part 2
Pt. Isabelle - T epco China and Pottery Remains Part 3

Drawbridge California
A Ghost Town Sinking into the Bay.

Drawbridge Part 1
Drawbridge Part 2
Drawbridge Part 3
Drawbridge Part 4
Drawbridge Part 5
Drawbridge Part 6
Drawbridge Part 7
Drawbridge Part 8

Alviso California
Ghost Marina
and Local Points of Historical Interest.

Alviso Part 1
Alviso Part 2

Richmond Pressed Brick Company Kilns
Brickyard Landing :P
Pt. Richmond

Richmond Pressed Brick Co. Kilns

Salt Evaporators / Wildlife Refuge
Northeast of Drawbridge California

Salt Evaporators / Wildlife Refuge.

Alameda Belt Line
Constitution Way & Atlantic Ave.
Alameda California

Alameda Belt Line Part 1
Alameda Belt Line Part 2
Alameda Belt Line Part 3

Alameda Point Naval Base
Alameda California

Alameda Point Naval Base Part 1
Alameda Point Naval Base Part 2
Alameda Point Naval Base Part 3

Sacramento River Delta

Rio Vista California
Montezuma Hills
Collinsville Ca. Part 1
Collinsville Ca. Part 2
Collinsville Ca. Part 3
Montezuma Ca. Part 1
Montezuma Ca. Part 2
Locke California Part 1
Locke California Part 2
Locke California Part 3
Walnut Grove Ca. at Night