The Dog Cries Help!


Here is a questionare for you to answer :)

A. In a spiral universe, where the rotation is clockwise on a clock facing north (earth standards), what is your name?

B. If you own a computer, and your house is wired 220v, and you put your tongue on a electrical outlet, how old are you?

C. In a house containing 5 people in a suburb of Philadelphia,Pa, and the total population is 2500, and 436 of the population die from a lethal meteorite hit, are you male, or female?

D. There is a train going 30,000 mph heading north, then east, then turning west, dodging gleefully north, jaunting unbridled east and resting for a bit at the Bijou, and another train heading north, but then doing a zigzag toward the west travelling at only 1,000 mph, what type of computer do you own?

Thank you for participating in this questionare/application to join the Missionaries of the Virgin for Sacred Cheese motorclub. Dues are as follows: Lifetime Membership - Your life 10 yr. Membership - An arm and a leg 1 yr. Membership - A little finger, or two

Hope to see you at the weekly meeting and bake sale, :) !!!!!!