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Somewhere from time past, left from carcass debris of life (probably existing in some form of hallucinate cosmic dust) EYE find i have the ability to understand and actually agree. To whatever extent is necessary or not, it basically doesn't make much difference. "IT" will go on anyway.



Outward twisting lay, bongsau, buttlip



Flippy gligg negpits open wide to oblong gum crackers eating into future big tops. Until favorite cards of the usual forty-seven are discovered, there may be a few links to the bumble haven of Transfalgarmaria. Thanks You

Jicky Bo Quick


Hock, p-toooei! That CD better sell a bundle or one MOTLEY BAND OF LUNATIC POT BELLY STOVES will be up a crick without a proverbial poodle. Which is to say, MAN, it's so good, you should order it immediately @ ELECTRO MOTIVE RECORDS, P.O. Box 14461, Berkeley, CA, 94712-5461 for only $11 postpaid.

E.M. Rex


Great horny toads of inexplicable silence! Eat my banana patch dog boy mama wash billboard auto-hack card limpy. Licky licky licky, flippy.

Portnoy of the Seven Seas


dribbly goo-goo smacks lightly of cheese.



GReat pHoto. ?how many tits have you the whole of tyou? sorry my being portuguese and speak no so good.

username =


Hello, from two students from New Hall.........said the actress to the bishop. But no-one knew what they were talking about , and so they all died in a freak yachting accident. And sank to the bottom of the deep blue sea and stuck their heads in the yellow submarine..... You share a drink with the reverend Jimmy John while , nothing ever happens, so send me an angel to love , send me a little piece of heaven but I'll have to walk 500 miles and have to walk 500 more.... It's the end of the world as we know it yes it's....but I'll do everything for love but I won't do that . I'm hard but I'm friendly, I'm green but I'm wise because It's been a hard days night.F*** you I won't do what you tell me , but hey...Hakuna Matata....some day I'll wear pyjamas in the daytime some day....I'll be your your head they're still fighting with their tanks....but I'm only happy when it rains....doobiedoumdabbydumdeeda I'm the Scatman..... but anyway its 'Saturday night at the movies'...and if it feels like summer you're catching the sun ....and then go on a Summer holiday..... so don't wage war on our Brothers in Arms, and let the cops chase us around, we're spending most our lives living in a gangsta's paradise, but I'm sitting at home....hey you you're such a ladykiller ... because I want'a be a single girl , one day , one life , one moment, one dream ...except when I'm rudely awakened by the dustmen , in a white gown , handed down from....something in the woodshed..under the boardwalk we'll be....singing in the rain.....watching as the ships roll in ....But the female of the species is more deadly than the male....goodness gracious great balls of fire but rise and shine my sister, rise and shine...the only one who could ever teach me was the son of a preacher man as I was walking in Memphis, can you see me in the desert (f** yeah) with the Whales and Dolphins, Whales and Dolphins...just call me angel in the morning , angel .....but would you know my name if I saw you in heaven, How bizarre ...but walkaway, walkaway, walkaway.....insane in the membrane , insane in the brain.... beacuse I've got the eye of the tiger, and you saw the whole of the moon.. and the champagne supernova in the sky.....I'm only sleeping, in the octopuses garden....ten storey love song I built this thing for you, until you want to go out......Killing me softly with his love, and I said what about breakfast at Tiffany's, I'll tell you what I want , what I really really want, a thousand spoons when all you want is a knife , I want to live like common people, and I wanna talk about sex, baby , like a beggar , sitting on a beach of gold , but you can't reach the top unless you fly because I am the one and only, nobody I'd rather be except a rich man in a rich man's world. Come as you are , as you were as I want you to....and imagine all the people living life.....Hey hey we're the Monkees , a sucessfull fella, thought himself, I've gotta lotta money , Where have you been tonight, in a room, On the twenty-second day of November , the day that they shot Kennedy , I became a fully paid up member of the flat-earth society......I dress like you're older brother , I act like you're brother's boss , you can't tell a book by it's cover , but you can tell how much it, money, money....She said...up on the roof....a little bit of love goes a long long a loveshack, in the middle of no -where , shouting lager , lager , lager, and hold back the river, mysterious girl , in a material world, heaven is a place on earth , and a girl from mars. Waterloo couldn't escape if I wanted to, but hit the road jack and don't you come back, no more, no more , no a virgin ,, thrill me, kill me. Maria I've just met a girl called Maria , and all for Mairi's wedding....sail away you can find....that diamonds are forever, you're putting on the ritz...let it be, let it be.....she calls out to the man on the street she says "Sir can you help me" , oh think twice it's just another day for you and me in paradise.. Help, I need somebody, not just anybody, New York , New York I want to be a part of it...when you hear the people sing, singing the song of angry men, it's the final countdown doodle doo doo .. yankie doodle went to town riding on a donkey.... everybody do the jailhouse rock , and it's just a jump to the left and a step to the the left, to the right , keep on ...and I'm stuck in the middle with you, a ga doo doo doo....said the lady in an itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka-dot bikini...under the sea . Hey ho skididillidillo spiritual city gonna watch you the bear nesscetiies, mother natures receipes...Rhythm is a dancer, I could have danced all night......E's are good..runaway train, never coming back....'cause I'm a creep .... takvata.....I've got a little puppy and....its high and dry....return of the Mack..and wind up in our favourite coats, when will I , will I be famous...relight my fire.... when I fall in love it will be forever...beacuse Mister Blue bird on my shoulder, Mr sandman send me a dream...dream, dream, dream.... dream lover come my way dream lover I hope and pray...hope and pray that you make it someday back in your own world, I am sitting by the window of the diner on the corner....and losing my religon, this is the return of the space cowboy..looking back over my shoulder..boom boom boom ah let me hear you's a mans world, I need a hero, because suicide is painless and brings on many changes, sun shine on a rainy day makes my soul.................... username = Mairi and Matthew __________

comment = smokey plastic film filters my clear muddy mind while watching your scrolling signs of excited ectograssisms and philosorcery. where can i find gods jazm spread... username = xanax zantac phizshu __________

comment = sonically traumatizing teenage con.noiz.sewerz of barbqued baby black ozzy pvc entertainment devices. hypnothetically remnicent aluminum of beer cans from a factory machine held together with bubble gum, carbona knot glue earwax, blanched osmonds (yes as in dome and muree ozmundame) howdy doody/bozo the televagelistic clown as a substitute teacher @ a sexaholics anonymous meeting. have not heard much since the first time i washed the roots of my family tree. works better than the probing over priced radio controlled kit car shipped to mars in a synergetic closest space packing ice tray from the back seat ov your local wife beating walmart. it is now time to pawn all possesions of my wealth and flock to every performance of this scsi powered mock bland kamikazie abducted family. username = jolly rodger