UBZUB's "Alien Manna For Sleeping Monkeys" out on Electro Motive Records!

The first CD from SF Bay Area maniacs is out and on the shelves. The CD is entitled "Alien Manna For Sleeping Monkeys" and includes an eight page booklet of UBZUB art along with an invisible 400 ft. tall bust of Abraham Lincoln (batteries not included). The CD is just over an hour long and contains mostly new material with a few selections from their previously released 7" EP, Subcutaneous Alien Hut. Familiar tracks such as "Tell The Story" and "Mammy Whammy" are included with songs like "4 X Jimmy", "HIVenus" and "Me And My Dog At The Park". May the folks at Electro Motive Records drink many cups of wonderful hot coffee (brewed very strong) as a thanks for their wonderful discharge.

Dont cheat yourself from experiencing weirdness that could save whats left of your radio charred mind. Buy "Alien Manna" now!

If you would like to receive this wonderful CD to add to your collection, then send your return address, and $10.00 US dollars per CD to:

Due to the fact that I am really really slow at getting almost anything done, there have been great delays in response time. Rest assured that those who have sent me requests will get cd's. But soon, I will be working out something different so people can get better response. I apologize for any inconvenience I have caused.

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